Anxious To Have Lip Piercing? Perform It By A Professional In Order To Avoid Complications!

The lip piercing is a type of body piercing, in which piercing is done in the soft tissue of the lips or surrounding the area of the lips.

Remember that having a lip piercing is not an easy thing.

You will never get rid of piercing once you wear it.

It will remain on your face permanently. Still if you choose to have lip piercing, here are some steps to follow.

Step 1: In order to avoid rubbing of jewelry against the teeth and gums, you will need to sterilize and mark the point of entry exactly (both outside and insider) of the lip. This method avoids damage to the nerves.Lip Piercing

Step 2: To determine the size of jewelry that you will need, your professional will assess the thickness of your lips between the marked points of entry.

Your professional chooses larger size jewelry than required, as your lips will get swelled at the initial period. After completion of healing process, you can change your jewelry.

Step 3: After marking the points and measuring the thickness of your lips, your professional will go ahead with lip piercing. For this, a surgical clamp will be applied to your lips to help control the soft tissue.

With this clamp, your lip will be pulled away from the gums and with surgical needle your lip will be pierced. Now, your professional inserts the lip jewelry.

Step 4: After piercing, follow aftercare instructions and procedures given by your professional.

There are some risks involved with this lip piercing. You may experience redness, swelling, tenderness, scabbing, and some bleeding after piercing. Also, there will be some pus coming out from the wound.

When the lip jewelry rubs against the gums and teeth, your teeth may wear off enamel leaving them open to decay [Protection from Teeth Decaying]. Sometimes, larger jewelry may break your teeth. Trauma to the gums of soft tissue may cause you to have gum infection.

Lip piercing can be done anywhere around the mouth. Depending on the position, there are different types of popular lip piercing.

They include labret, vertical labret, horizontal lip piercing, combination piercing (spider bites, angel bites, snakebites, Venom bites, and Canine bites), Medusa/Philtrum piercing, and Monroe/Madonna piercing.

You can also find different types of jewelry styles depending on the type of lip piercing, which are lip rings, labrets, and barbells.

The healing process may take approximately four to six weeks and you must take care of this area. You should avoid smoking, drinking, kissing, sleeping on your face, etc if you pierce your lips.

If needed take vitamin B and zinc for the healing process and ibuprofen for swelling, redness, and pain.

Saturate the outer portion of piercing area two to three times a day with cotton dipped in saline and for inner side of piercing area rinse the diluted nonalcoholic mouthwash or solution of salt and lukewarm water.

Because of many complications involved with lip piercing, it is better to pierce your lips with any professional in order to avoid complications.


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