Are You Sick Of Temporary Hair Removal Methods? Laser Hair Removal For Effective And Permanent Removal Of Unwanted Hair!

Laser Hair RemovalGot fed up with spending money and time on temporary hair removal methods that remove your unwanted hair?

The right and permanent solution for your unwanted hair is laser hair removal.

Though electrolysis hair removal is also a permanent hair removal method, it is time-consuming because it removes each individual hair follicle.

Laser hair removal is the latest and the best permanent hair removal method for the speedy and mild removal of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal method removes the hair permanently from its root without causing pain.

Most of the experts strongly states that treating unwanted hair with laser hair removal removes the hair once and for all and it is extremely safe and effective, particularly on the face where removal of unwanted hair is difficult due to its sensitiveness.

The laser hair removal method is not for everyone. The best candidate for laser hair removal is the one whose hair is darker than the surrounding skin. In other words, laser hair removal works effectively on light skin. It allows for fewer treatments with faster results.

To perform laser hair removal technology, a qualified well experienced expertise is required. The technology involves the usage of lasers to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Several types of lasers are in use today to remove hair. The main types are the ruby, alexandrite, diode and neodymium yag laser. All these techniques are proven safe, effective, and fast in removing hair successfully and permanently.

The laser works by sending an invisible beam of light into the pigment of the hair shaft, which is absorbed by the adjacent follicle at the base of the hair. When this light is absorbed by the surrounding hair follicle, the light turns into heat.

The heat generated by this process then damages the follicle and stops hair growth in the treatment area. Although it is a slow process, it gets better with time.

Laser hair removal can be done in any area of the body (the face, upper lip, neck, chest, arms, underarms, back, stomach, bikini area, or legs) where you have excess hair. However, it is strictly exceptional to use laser in the surroundings of the eye area.

As the laser works on removing more than one follicle at a time, hair removal in larger areas (the back, arms, or legs) is as easy as smaller areas (the upper lip or under arms).

Laser hair removal method takes much less time and very expensive when compared to electrolysis hair removal, as it removes hair all at once. The treatment time of laser hair removal varies greatly depending on the size of the treatment area.

On the other hand, patients require multiple sessions to obtain best possible results. This is because hair grows in cycles and the laser affects the hairs in the growing stage.

As all of the hairs will be in the growing stage at particular time, additional sessions are necessary to remove all the hair from the treatment area.

If you’re considering laser hair removal, consult a well experienced expertise to have effective and long lasting results in very short time.


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