Best Tips to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Garlics are a rich source of Vitamin C, B6, Selenium and Manganese. They are proven to contribute to reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases and have a number of health benefits. In addition to all this, they also add an amazing taste to our food and hence, it is difficult to avoid eating them but equally difficult is avoiding the bad breath which is caused after eating garlic.

The bad breath is very embarrassing especially at workplace or at a gathering for lunch or dinner. It is overall not a sign of good hygiene to emit bad breath and hence, below are some easy tips which will help you get rid of garlic breath effectively:

tips to get rid of garlic breath

Carry Mints or Mouth Fresheners

Always have mints, gums or mouth fresheners handy and whenever you eat something which contains garlic, make sure you eat the mint or mouth fresheners so that the smell of garlic is replaced with the sweet smell of mint. You can also choose to keep mouth sprays which are an instant way to give your mouth a good smell.

Eat Particular Vegetables

There are some vegetables which are known to counter the garlic smell. These include lemons, carrots, and mushrooms and hence, try to include these in your diet or consume them as salads right after you finish your meal so that the garlic smell gets diminished.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Make sure you not only brush your teeth regularly but also clean your tongue along with it so that your mouth smells fresh. You should also floss your teeth at regular intervals in order to avoid bad garlic breath.

Use Mustard to Counter the Smell

Carry mustard seeds with you whenever you go out. Take a spoonful of them and swish them in your mouth for around 45 seconds and then spit them out. This remedy is known to keep bad breath away.

Consume Green Tea

Green tea is said to neutralize the compounds in garlics which are responsible for causing bad breath. Hence if you consume green tea, the bad breath can go away easily and green tea also contributes to good health.

Chew Gums

Keep a habit of chewing mint flavoured or any other flavoured gums so that they are able to cut down the bad odor of garlic breaths from your mouth and you get a fresh breath.

Wash your Mouth After you Eat

Make it a regular habit of rinsing your mouth after every meal so that all the food particles which are left in your mouth are washed away and nothing stays back to create dirty smell in your mouth.

By following one of the above mentioned tips, you can easily get rid of the bad breath which is responsible for embarrassing you in public and people staying away from you or questioning your overall hygiene habits. These tips can be helpful and do not cost you anything extra.


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