Top 7 Foods that can Cause Bad Breath

Whether it is a date, a business meeting, an interview or a party/function, bad breath can be a big turn off and can drive others away from you. One of the reasons for bad breath is poor oral hygiene but then there are many foods too which can lead to a foul smell from your mouth. We all know that onion and garlic can cause bad breath but there are many others foods that can be responsible for this.

Foul smell from certain food items are caused because they contain sulfur molecules which are released by bacteria. In order to avoid the bad breath, you must avoid the certain foods which cause it. The following is a list of the top 7 foods to avoid:

foods that can cause bad breath

1. Alcohol

Drying agents like alcohol are one of the main categories of foods that can cause bad breath. Drinking alcohol can lead to a foul smell from your mouth or may make the condition worse.  Also, some foods and beverages which contain alcohol can also be responsible for the same.

2. Dense Protein Foods

Dense protein foods such as dairy, fish and meat can also contain sulfur-producing bacteria which too can cause bad breath. Some of these food items include nuts, seeds and eggs etc.  Dairy food items which contain lactose can lead to a build- up of protein which too further leads to bad breath.  Many types of beans and lentils can also be responsible for the same.

3. Sugars

In order to avoid bad breath, another food item that you must avoid is food containing sugar. Bacteria which can lead to bad breath make use of sugars as a potential fuel.  So it is best to avoid sugar containing foods like chewing gums, mints and candies.

4. Acidic Food Items

It is a well-known fact that acidic foods tend to reproduce bacteria at a much faster rate.  Thus it is better to avoid having acidic foods and beverages. Some of the common acidic beverages or foods include sodas, pasta sauce, olives, fatty meats, butter and ketchup etc.

5. Coffee

Another food which can lead to bad breath is coffee. The natural enzymes in coffee along with its acidic nature can cause bad breath by getting combined with your saliva.  These enzymes tend to neutralize the acid in your stomach.

6. Tuna Sandwiches

A tuna sandwich can release a lot of enzymes in your mouth that can lead to a foul smell. This sandwich is equivalent to a stink bomb that can explode in your mouth, leading to breath which can drive others away from you.

7. Indian Curry

Indian curry can definitely have some antibacterial properties but it can also lead to a lot of bad breath. So avoid having it in a lot of quantity or carry a mouth freshener with you when going to an Indian restaurant.

So the next time you have any of these foods think twice and avoid going somewhere important after having them.


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