Attack Bad Breath With top 4 Natural Remedies

Bad breath is something that may cause immense embarrassment to you in public. People often avoid speaking to someone who has bad breath, or tries their best to keep conversations to a minimum. Apart from its social troubles, bad breath may also signal lack of oral hygiene which may eventually lead to other diseases.

natural remedies for bad breath


There are multiple reasons for bad breath and more or less everyone has experienced it at some point in life. Sometimes it can be due to plaque or tartar which can be removed by brushing and flossing and a seating with your dentist. Gum and root problems also contribute to bad breath. Quickly popping a mint may be a temporary solution, but it is important to treat bad breath before it takes the form of halitosis which is a chronic situation of bad breath.

Here are some easy to follow solutions to help you get rid of bad breath

1. Increase water intake: Yes, the solution is as simple as this! Bad breath is often caused by dehydration. Drinking a good amount of water throughout the day helps to flush out the bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath.

2. Zinc supplement: Zinc is an essential mineral that is responsible for the well being of your oral health. Zinc aids in maintaining a bacteria free mouth. Bacteria feed on the tiny food particles that are left in the teeth and tongue. These germs then release odorous by products which result in bad breath. Zinc is anti bacterial and kills these odour causing bacteria in the mouth.

3. Dietary changes: Including certain kinds of vegetables in your diet can help you in treating oral problems. Fibre rich vegetables like carrots and celery can alleviate bad breath. Also, apples have a remedial property and reduce bad breath. These fruits and vegetable promote the production of saliva in the mouth which is anti bacterial and fights with odour causing germs to maintain a clean germ free mouth.

4. Stinging Nettle tea: The toxins in the body can also cause bad breath. Metal build-up and growth of yeast inside the mouth are contributors to bad breath. Therefore it is important to get rid of these things from the body. Tea infusions are a great way to achieve this and stinging nettle herb tea can be the best choice. Chronic bad breath is caused mainly by improper functioning of lymphatic system and kidneys. Stinging nettle stimulates these to function better thereby attacking the root of halitosis.


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