Barefoot Jewelry and Shoe Clips – A Hot New Trend for Pretty Feet

So you got yourself that expensive pedicure and love how your feet look – but how do you draw attention to those pretty feet? How do you make your feet and your shoes look more attractive? Well you can try using shoe clips or barefoot jewelry. Here’s what you can do:

Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot Jewelry

Many traditional societies know the value of foot jewelry – ankle chains and bracelets, toe rings and more have been around for centuries. However recently this concept has got something of a makeover with barefoot jewelry or what they also call barefoot sandals.

Delicate bead work, tiny pearls strung together, thin chains, or even help ropes are used to create pretty and unusual designs that can be worn by themselves on feet or along with foot wear. These could be just the things to add glamour to your resort or lounge wear or for your day at the beach.

Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are an simple but effective way to dress up your shoes – flip flops, sandals, peep toes, plain colored pumps – they can go from simple to  sensational in a mere instant.

Vintage cameo motifs, floral creations, rhinestones, crystals, pearls, beads, fabric fashioned into bows and so much more. These can simply be pinned on to a shoe.  You can clip it on at the top edge of the shoe where the foot emerges from the shoe or you can pin it on the side near the ankle or on the ankle strap if the shoe has one.

What a shoe clip does is, it adds embellishment to a plain shoe and makes it more dressy or formal. Also it adds color so that you can color coordinate your outfit or its accessories (match the shoe clip to a scarf, neckwear or jewelry).

For instance a lovely chiffon shoe clip shaped like a flower can at once transform those plain looking sandals to something pretty and dressy – for a day at the beach, to match a particular summer dressand so on.

A smart satin bow clip could add a touch of feminine power dressing to your formal wear for office. A pearl and rhinestone or filigree clip could let you rub shoulders with the swish set at a formal reception anywhere! These can be ideal for dressing up a bridal outfit or the outfits of the bridesmaids or flower girls.

And the fun thing is that you can even use these shoe clips as a broach or clothes detailing – for the décolletage, on the neckline, at the waistline and so on.



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