Beauty Bath-The Royal Way Of Bathing To Make Mind And Body Relax

Bathing is the regular activity that will be done in your life. You feel fresh and energetic after bathing. Bath keeps your mind and skin fresh and totally it will be beneficial for your overall body care.

Beauty bath is the royal or luxurious bath by which you can feel freshness for longtime. It also keeps your mind in peaceful or relaxed mood.

In ancient days, beauty bath will be done by queens. They use to do this for therapeutic and beauty purposes.

The Egyptians had made good use of beauty bath. Cleopatra is the Egyptian queen.

The history says that Cleopatra used to bath in a tub which is filled with milk and flowers from herbs.Beauty Bath

She uses this in order to keep her skin smooth and moist. Other than Egyptians, Romans also used to do beauty bath.

The roman women use to do communal herbal bath to cleanse their bodies after menstruation. The beauty bath is not only useful for skin but it also keeps your mind relax.

You can do beauty bath in the following process:

The beauty bath should be done before breakfast. It is the best time but your lives are made so busy, so go for it before sleeping. By doing the beauty bath before sleeping you can enjoy your sleep in full relaxed way.

The temperature of water in beauty bath is very important. The water should not be too hot or too cold. You should do this bath with Luke warm water. You should set your mood in nice way by lighting candles and playing soothing music.

Beauty bath will be done by adding various ingredients in your tub such as salt scrub, bath salts, essential oils and fragrances.

The functions of these ingredients are as follows:

  • Salt scrubs will do an excellent work for exfoliating bath. You can use pure sweet almond oil combined with finely ground pacific solar minerals. You can also add colorings to it.
  • Bath salts can be made with pacific solar minerals combining with essential oils. Coloring can be done according to your choice. This makes you to feel relax.
  • The essential oils are used in beauty bath for aromatherapy. The various essential oils and its characteristics are as follows:
    1. Geranium rose oil helps in relaxing, healing and also used as relief of headaches.
    2. Sweet orange oil helps in soothing, calming, reducing anxiety and also for perfumery.
    3. Ylang ylang oil helps in calming, anti-anxiety and relaxing.
    4. You can also add fragrances and colorings in your bath. There are various fragrances such as chocolate, French vanilla, green tea, eucalyptus mint, kiwi and lilac.
    5. The various colors include red, wine, sea foam, pink, natural (no coloring), blue, orange, indigo, purple, yellow and green.

By using above ingredients you can enjoy your beauty bath which will be helpful for your skin to glow and shine. Beauty bath makes your mind also refreshing and active. The best times for doing beauty bath are 2hours after lunch and before sleeping.


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