6 Beauty Lessons from Kate Middleton

Although she is new to the royal family, she has always been in the center of attention regarding the beauty market. Since she is looking fabulous at every occasion, there are some lessons that we could learn from her.

1. Trends are not mandatory

One of the most important things about her style is that she doesn’t follow the trends; she has a style involving soft waves and water eyeliner and she sticks to them. You should also develop a style on your own, and never mind the trends. Experimenting is fun, but only if you want to try new things.


2. No more bad hair days

A lot of people are of the opinion that the most important feature of the duchess is her hair. It is known for the layers, waves and shine. In order to have the same beautiful hair you could try some of the hair care products that she is using.

3. Fascinator

In case you feel like your look is screaming for something to spice it up, a nice hair accessorycould make wonders and it could boost your self-confidence too. Kate is known to be a fan of fascinators that are truly fascinating and she always manages to pair them well.

4. On your own

There is no shame in you doing your own makeup. The duchess was proud of the fact that she did her own wedding makeup. She has been rocking with the same defined liner and soft cheek and lip combination for a long period of time now.

Naturally she has the possibility of hiring a professional makeup artist, but the truth is that nobody knows your lines and face better than you do. In some cases you have to get the work done on your own to make sure that you achieve the results that you want.

5. Focus on a feature

There is a rule of thumb when it comes to makeup: you have to choose on feature to emphasize, the eyes or the lips, but never both. Kate really keeps this in mind, and she usually uses an eyeliner and mascara. There is no bright shadow or smoky effect.

6. Work with the brows

She has neat but strong brows. These balance her forehead and draw the attention of people to her eyes. Naturally the brows are taken care of on a regular basis.

As you can see there is a lot to learn from her regarding beauty.


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