Beauty Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Winter comes with so many beauty issues and most women have to struggle all through the season to fight them.  If on top of those issues we add improper care and beauty mistakes, the spring will find us with damaged skin and complexion.

Beauty Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Too Much Steam

Long baths and hot showers are the things we like to enjoy after spending some time in the freezing winter air.  No matter how pleasant this is, you should know that the hot water and the steam is drying your skin during winter. Because of the temperature difference the skin is more prone to lose moisture and no lotion can replace what you lose in a hot shower. The smart thing to do is to reduce the water temperature as much as you can or simply shorten the time your skin spends in contact with the steam.

Wrong Highlights and Wrong Hair Color

Superb ash blonde highlights and spectacular dark or auburn hair may be fitted for the warm season but during winter they simply make your complexion look pale and ashy. In case you want a blonde hue choose warmer and darker tones and in case you are a brunette add asome brown or chestnut highlights for winter.

Wrong Cleanser and Lip Balm

If you think you can use the same cleanser no matter the season, you should know that soap basedcleansers dry the skin during winter. Choose a moisturizing cleanser and toner to avoid further damage to your skin.

Lip balms are a must have for winter provided you don’t use one that does more harm than good. The ideal winter lip balm is a creamy one. Avoid waxy compositions because they are not able to hydratethe cracked lips so common during winter.

Neglecting Hands and Feet

Tucking the hands inside mittens and feet inside boots is not enough during winter. Many women forget that hand and feet care should be paid the same attention during the cold season. You should have a good mani-pedi session every 6 weeks and don’t forget to pamper your hands and feet with a mineral salt bath, massage and accurate winter moisturizing.


You may not linger in the sun all day and this is why you might not think about using SPF protection. You should know that during winter time the sun reflecting on the snow can cause sunburns and even walking on the street can add to the damage your skin suffers when exposed to sunlight.


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