Top five beauty secrets of the stars

Celebrities love to look good on the red carpet and will do all they can to dazzle and shine.

Some of their beauty secrets are a little shocking, however, so let’s take a look at the most extreme:

Placenta face masks

Believe it or not, the placentas of human beings and mammals are used to create controversial face masks. They’re thought to refresh and nourish the skin and are said to be popular with Eva Longoria and J-Lo. Many people even eat their placenta for post-birth nourishment – but how far would you go to improve your appearance?

Excrement facial

Ever wondered how A-list stars achieve that radiant glow? Well, apparently they spread bird faeces over their face. Nightingale poop is thought to contain nourishing enzymes that cleanse the face and is regularly used by Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham (apparently). It was once used by geishas and Japanese performers to remove lead-based paint and has now made its way to Tinseltown. I think we would rather stick to something more normal like a light chemical skin peel to get the same glow.

Vampire facelift

Vampires have become popular of late thanks to Twilight and True Blood, but would you try a vampire facelift? During this procedure, the plasma is collected from your own blood and is injected into your skin to plump up certain areas. The most-popular dermal fillers are made from Juvederm or Restylane, but this doesn’t seem enough for some people.

Bee venom facials

We all like a facial now and again right? Well how about adding some bee venom to the mix? Bee venom is found in many beauty products these days and is supposed to be a pain-free alternative to Botox. The mixture is believed to reduce lines and wrinkles and is thought to be popular with the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall. The Bee venom wont leave a sting on your skin but if you are looking for bee stung lips there lip injection options available to give you the pout you desire.

Vitamin drips

Music mogul Simon Cowell swears by vitamin drips if his non-official autobiography is to be believed. According to Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell, the superstar has magnesium, B vitamins and pure vitamin C pumped through his veins in an attempt to revamp his appearance. Most people rely on a well-balanced diet to receive the nourishment they need, but IV drips are increasing in popularity.

What do you think of these extreme beauty regimes? Would you, or have you ever tried any of them?



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