Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Gwyneth Paltrow wowed us recently with her vocal cords at the Annual Academy awards, but she has consistently wowed us with a fantastic body and great looks. In a recent tête-à-tête with a popular daily, she spoke about her beauty secrets which may not be quite what we expected.

Guinness beer is what she loves, claims the star. The 200 calorie drink is not just a must before an awards ceremony, it is part of the reason for the way that she looks – blush and a girdle are the other two reasons!

Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Meanwhile Reese Witherspoon admits to relying of makeup and her favorite cosmetics being with her at all times to look good.

She carries along about 5 lip glosses, lipstick, some cover up, blush and mascara wherever she goes.

She believes that her look should be refreshed frequently so she has a makeup bag in her car, at home and in her handbag.

Her special tip to look awake when she is tired is to rely upon white eyeliner – just a small amount applied to the middle of the inner eye can help to make one look awake she says.  She is taking better care of her skin now as she gets older, and sun protection and moisturizer are a must!


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