Beauty Tips For Sparse Or Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows are most important facial features as they frame your face and define your eyes. A perfectly shaped eyebrow[Eyebrow Shaping] can change the entire expression and emotion of your face.

However, very few people are blessed with perfect brows.  And while there are plenty of techniques to shape thick eyebrows, thin eyebrows can be quite a tough job in maintaining.

Here are a few options to get the right look for thin brows:

Focus on the shape

If you have thin brows with an irregular shape, you can pluck them yourself. But be careful; if you are not experienced, you might need help from someone who can get a perfect shape.

Use brow pencil

This is the simplest way of enhancing thin eyebrows temporarily and naturally. Choose a branded brow pencil, but before using it, experiment with light feather strokes on a piece of paper to perfect your technique.

Eyebrow colors and shadow powder can be used along with the pencil to achieve an overall smoother effect. Add a light shade of corrector tint just below the arch for your eyebrow to get a more well-defined look.

Permanent make-up

If you want permanently beautiful brows, get hold of a talented make-up artist you can relate to. If you have oily skin, regular or more frequent touch-ups are needed as the dye fades faster in oilier skin types.

Use Vaseline every night

It sounds silly, but it is true that little Vaseline applied to your brow area at night can help your brow to re-grow. After cleansing your face at night, lightly dab Vaseline on your thin eyebrows to stimulate the hair growth.

Permanent hair replacement therapy is another option and can be administered by experienced make-up artists or cosmetologists.


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