Beauty Tips from Kardashian Sisters

It looks like the Kardashian girls have everything that a girl could ever want: they have nice skin, pretty hair and beautiful facial features. Nonetheless you shouldn’t envy them, but be thankful because they offer us numerous beauty tips that any girl could use.

Dramatic eyes and nude lips

This is the look that we all know: dramatic lashes and nude lips. It is the signature look of Kim, and she says she feels prettiest this way. When it comes to false lashes, you shouldn’t be thinking about the strips, but the individual ones.


The longer lashes could be used at the outer corners of the eyes, while in the middle, use the short or middle ones. In case you would like to have the same pretty lips, consider using MAC Lipstick in Crème d’Nude and Sweet Beige from Chanel Glossimer added to the top.

Knot on the top

If you would like the whole world to see your statement earrings, make sure that your hair doesn’t cover them. Go for a sleek bun. In order to make sure that there won’t be any nasty flyaways, you should apply some wax to the sides of the hair before you gather it for the bun.

Another solution that you have is to spray some hairspray on your comb, and then comb the hair.

Smudgy purple eyelids

When it comes to smudgy eyes, you don’t necessarily have to think about the dark colors. Kim managed to make her eyes pop using pastel purple colors on her eyes when attending the MTV Music Awards.

She used cream eyeshadow pencil on her eyes and then added a more natural looking purple eyeshadow. In case you are using cream shadow and then apply powder shadow over it, you will achieve a velvety look.


When you like to achieve a more classical look, you could go for a sexy ponytail. You should add some height to your hairstyle, and this is easy to achieve in case you tease the hair on your crown. In order to keep the shape, you should push the crown up. In the end, apply a generous amount of hairspray.


Use some highlighter, applied with the help of a big body brush and then buff the highlighter into the skin. This way you will achieve a lot of glow without too much coverage and it will be suitable for your skin.


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