5 Minutes For Your Gorgeous Self

Want to be more beautiful just using 5 minutes? Then follow simple instructions when you use make up.

One of the most important steps is to put the foundation and hide those marks, which you don’t want showing on your face. Spread more foundation on those areas, which needs more coverage.

For this goal use a special brush for more finished look. In case you have dark circles or acne, hide them with a smart technique – always use a special foundation or a special concealing product, but be aware of the color.

beauty tipsLet it be light and for more precise coverage, use your fingers. Next step of the make-up routine is to choose the color of your blush.

The universal one, which looks proper on every skin and for every occasion is pink or peach colored blush and must be applied carefully on the most visible parts of your face.


Next is to choose eye shadow, eye-liner, mascara and lipstick. The proper colors for day light are gentle and always have to fit the outfit you wear.

If you choose peachy blush, make sure your lipstick is brighter, but not too loud. For the evening make up you can always use darker liner and stronger colors on the lips such as blood red and light pink.


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