6 Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Shake things up in your beauty regime for the coming year 2011, with these 6 skin care resolutions for the New Year –


1. I shall use matching foundation. Foundation that doesn’t match can be a disaster, and in winter, make sure that you use a foundation that is at least two tones lighter than your normal foundation. For the perfect match, test on the portion between the jaw line and cheek, blend properly and see if it matches with the rest of your face.

2. I shall dabble in color for my eyelids. Start modest and then work your way up to some lime greens and electric pinks – extreme colors for an instant lift of vibrant color.

3. I shall use orange effectively. How about some orange crush or a bright tangerine for the lips? This can be a fresh and attractive alternative to red.  Add a touch of glamour with a touch of the sunny hue.

4. I shall give my makeup brushes some TLC. Use shampoo for the harder brushes and shampoo as well as conditioner for the softer ones. Keep them in good shape by preventing buildup of product.

5. I shall use three coats of mascara. Use after the primer, after the eye shadow application and then after you’ve finished with the lipstick.

6. I shall not tweeze. Go to a professional instead of ending up rather like an over plucked chicken!


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