9 Overnight Beauty Tips of Honey

Honey is a wonderful ingredient to treat many health problems including hair and skin problems. There are many ways to use honey overnight to treat the beauty problems which are generally faced by many women. You can use honey regularly in your beauty regime for a healthy hair and healthy glowing skin. Honey acts as a best moisturizer keeps your skin supple, smooth and also helps in reducing few infections and irritation.

9 Overnight Beauty Tips of Honey

  1. Honey for Scars
    Pimples are most commonly seen in many women and they leave an ugly scar when you scratch it, to reduce the acne scar or any other scar you can use honey. It acts as bleaching and reduces the scar and slowly fades away.
  2. Honey acts as a Moisturizer
    Honey also acts as a very good moisturizer, it smoothes and hydrates the skin. Use this in your home made face packs get that smooth, healthy, flawless and beautiful skin like never before.
  3. Honey for Hair conditioner
    Honey can do wonders on hair if you have rough, dull and lifeless hair. As it has moisturizing and softening properties it can make your skin smooth and acts as a good conditioner. Just mix raw honey with extra virgin olive oil and apply on your hair and do not disturb it for 30 minutes. Later rinse it off with normal water. It can give you a good shine to your hair.
  4. Natural hair lighter
    Rather than going with the chemical bleaching, go with natural hair bleach, Because it acts as a natural bleaching effect and makes hair lightener. Dilute one tsp of honey in 6 tsp of distilled water and apply this diluted on your hair. Along with that, you can add cinnamon powder for dramatic results.
  5. Honey for Hair removal
    Honey can remove unwanted hair from your skin. Just mix honey with sugar and lemon water. Boil the ingredients together on your stove or microwave until it turns abrown After cooling apply a thick layer on your skin in the direction of hair growth and remove it with the wax strips in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  6. Honey as Anti-aging
    Antioxidant-rich honey can help to keep away from free radicals.  It can delay the aging process, it also reduces the fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.
  1. Lip scrub
    Honey, when combined with brown sugar, acts as a natural scrub. For smooth and soft lips add honey, lemon juice, and brown sugar. Mix the ingredients and apply on your lips, rub gently for 5 minutes and rinse it off with water.
  2. Acne
    Wash your face apply raw honey on the affected area for 15-20 minutes to get rid of acne and as well as acne scars. Honey acts as an excellent skin and acne cleanser.
  3. Nail conditioners
    Honey strengthens your nails it can also make your cuticles soft and sm Take honey and apple cider vinegar mixes it together and applies on your nails and cuticles, later rinse it with water after 10 minutes.


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