Beauty Tips for Photo Shoots

Whenever you get a photo shoot, be it wedding shoot or a modeling shoot, it is necessary for you to look your best because you are paying someone for good pictures. You should leave your tired face, wrinkles and pigmentation at home and try your best to look flawless for the photo shoot.

All of us indeed want to look pretty while having a photo shoot done, but somehow it happens that we are not really satisfied with the way we look. This is because makeup alone does not do everything and there are certain extra tips you need to follow for looking your best for a photo shoot. Some of them are given below:

beauty tips for photo shoots

Start Preparing a Week Before

It is always better to start important preparations well in advance. You should get a facial and face clean up done. You should scrub your face daily with a mind scrub and tone your skin every night.

Apply Homemade Face Packs

You can apply homemade face masks right from 4 to 5 days before the photo shoot. You can use yogurt, turmeric and lemon juice mixed together as an effective face pack for smooth and glowing skin. Applying honey is good for dry skin and aloe vera gel is good for oily skin.

Prepare a Night Before

You need to get a face pack which works for removing tan. If you cannot afford one, applying tomato juice is the best choice. Apply it to your face and neck. It gives a boost to the glow of your skin and so even if you wake up early, the lack of sleep would not show on your skin in the form of dark circles and dark patches.

Take Care of Pimples

If you have an acne prone skin, take care that you do not squeeze your pimples as they tend to swell more and show more in photographs. Let them be as they are and the makeup will take care of hiding it.

Choose the Right Makeup

Whenever you start doing the makeup for your photo shoot, make sure that you choose the right quality makeup and a shade which matches your skin tone, because shade differences show a lot on camera. Do not choose a lighter shade in order to look fairer because it will make you look caked up. Also, fairness has nothing to do with beauty!

Know your Skin Type

Before starting any of the above given tips, know your skin type and choose the products you use according to it. If you have a dry skin, choose moisturizing makeup and if you have an oily skin, choose water based makeup so that your face looks balanced.

Balance your Diet

Avoid eating fried and oily foods for at least a week before your photo shoot so that no new pimples or acne appears on your face and no extra oil gets secreted.

These beauty tips would indeed help you look your best for the photo shoot without costing a lot.


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