Changing Lip, Eye And Hair Color To Look Younger

lip care1First the lips. When lipstick or gloss is applied, there is a serious effect on how full the lips appear.

For fuller lips they should be stretched very wide, into a smile almost, when colour is applied, filling all cracks for a more youthful look.

Dark lipstick highlights flaws. Lighter lipstick shows lighter, hiding small lines and age signs.  For fair skin, sheer pink is best.

For dark skin, sheer plum works best, and for all the rest, a sheer mauve is recommended.

Hair highlights make the face look younger, so small highlights can totally reinvent looks. Home highlight kits are simple to use. The rule is to avoid making hair lighter by more than two shades.

Regardless of skin shade, gold eye shadow always highlights the eyes. To look full of vigour and energy, a small brush in the powder to paint a thin line on the upper lid at the line of the lashes and inner corner works.

For late night action, a fluffy flat brush to sweep the lid and brow looks good.  For the mischievous, a finger in the powder and dragged over the brow helps.  The brush should be dipped in water first so the powder will stick, allowing it to be placed wherever needed.

Many shadow products are available in the drugstore for $2.00. A brightening pen costing up to $15.00 works quickly and well.


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