Your Face Shape and How to Beautify It Like a Celebrity

One of the most important factors that you have to take into consideration when thinking about your next new look is the face shape that you have. You should create your makeup accordingly so that it will enhance your features and hide your flaws.


Heart shaped face

This is the face shape of Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon. In order to achieve your best look, you should try to ‘hide’ you chin and cheekbones, meaning that you should try to draw the attention away from them. In this case you should opt for the sheer and feminine tones and add some color to your lips and cheeks to downplay the eminent cheekbones.

The feminine tones that you should be wearing refer to pinks and reds on your cheeks and also on your lips. When thinking about lines, you should make sure that they aren’t harsh. Forget about using liquid and opt for using pencil or gel.

Round face

In case you have this face shape, then you most probably resemble with Kirsten Dunst and Charlize Theron. To make your face pop (not literally) you should go for an overall bronze look and don’t forget about the smoky eyes. As a tip you could blend the bronzer beneath the cheekbones. Then add some highlighter to the upper portion of the cheekbones.

Since your face has a round shape, it is a good idea to have more angular eyebrows. Nonetheless you shouldn’t end up looking severe. The look is easy to achieve with the help of a brow gel.

Square face

Celebrities that have this face shape include Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Garner. In this case, just like they do, you should try to soften your facial traits. The makeup that you choose should be feminine, soft and shimmery.

In order to achieve this, you should add a bit of rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks. Make sure that there is nothing severe or harsh about your makeup. This means that you shouldn’t have strong lip colors or eyeliners.

Oval face

This is the face shape of Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria. In this case you should try to make your face look shorter, and this can be achieved through using blush in a horizontal line. It is a good idea to try todefine the chin area, and for this you should line the lips before you apply the lipstick.


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