5 Gross Beauty Habits that Aren’t Doing you Any Good

You may wash your face after every time you step inside your house from the sun or you may carry a hand sanitizer with you wherever you go but sometimes, without realization you end up doing many things that could totally ruin your beauty consciousness and hygiene.

Most of us have a habit of exposing ourselves to bacteria, dirt and mold etc.  There are many gross beauty habits which are just downright disgusting and should be totally eliminated. But we bring you the top 5 of them.

1. Dipping Fingers into Cold Cream

If you have a habit of dipping your fingers in the jar of cold cream, then you must know that this habit may be exposing you to a lot of bacteria, unless your fingers have just been washed.  Our fingernails contain a lot of bacteria which when introduced into the cream reaches our face.  This can lead to acne, pimples and other skin conditions. Thus it is important to wash your hands always before using such products.

2. Not Washing Make Up Brushes and Sponges

Another common beauty habit which is just gross is not washing the makeup brushes and sponges regularly. The brushes tend to pick up a lot of dirt, dust and grime which eventually lands up on our face, causing skin issues.

3. Letting Hair Collect in Hair Brush

Have you ever noticed hair getting collected in our hair brush? Well while it may take a lot of time to pull them off, it is only fair to you that you do so. The hair build up inside the hair brush picks up a lot of dust, dirt and bacteria which when used on the scalp, leads to scalp conditions and transfer of dirt and bacteria.

4. Sharing the Razor

Sharing a razor is a big health hazard as if the blade of the razor tends to cut inside the skin, it can cause infections and can prove to be very harmful. Razors can also transmit dangerous viruses like hepatitis B and C and may even be responsible for herpes.

5. Plucking Nose Hair

Plucking nose hair with a tweezer is yet another disgusting and gross beauty habit which is doing you no good. If the tweezer isn’t clean, you may end up putting germs in direct contact with the mucous membrane which then transfers the germs into the bloodstream.


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