Iphone App – Gorgeously Green To Help With Your Beauty Buys

It seems that the guys at Apple think about everything and produce an app before you even think you need it! Their ‘Gorgeously Green Survival Guide’ is an excellent resource for when you’re on the go and want to check about the safety or reliability of a product before buying it.

For just 99 cents this is an application worth getting for the following reasons:

  • iphone-appIt lists all the ingredients listed on beauty and skin care products that you should be avoiding, so the next time you’re in doubt at the shelf of a drug store, check this app to see if the product contains anything that you may want to avoid.
  • It explains what the labeling on groceries actually means. The labels on food products such as meat, fish and other produce may sometimes be misleading – the app gives you the real skinny.
  • It has a red alert list (chemicals and ingredients to avoid altogether) and an orange alert list that tells to minimize and if possible phase out use of certain items.
  • Tells you how to buy organic.
  • Tells you about what is most effective in sunscreen and helps you avoid misleading claims.


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