Kate Hudson and Tips to Be a Beautiful Mommy

We can agree that Kate Hudson is one of the hottest moms of Hollywood, and most probably her beautiful skin has also a role to play in this matter. There are some secrets that she shares with the women who would like to have the nice complexion she has.


According to her, the beauty created with the airbrush isn’t as pretty as natural beauty. This is why she prefers the products that even out her skin and offer little coverage. She likes to see her own skin even when she is wearing makeup. Besides this, women could also use a bit of concealer if they think they need it.


Hudson observed that her skin had different reactions to the different things she has been eating. According to her, it is important to listen to what the body needs and offer it to yourself.

For example if you are craving ice cream, you should go and have some. Nonetheless that doesn’t mean that women should be having only the food that they crave, because most probably they would have an unhealthy diet.


Recently she has gone through pregnancy and she knows that the hormones could do a lot of damage to the skin.

Some women get dry skin while others have breakouts. Hudson has found that if she was well hydrated, it was a lot easier to get her skin to cooperate.

Less is more

While she was pregnant she observed that the best thing she could do for her skin was to use lighter products. She had to use fewer products on her face and to choose the ones that were lighter.

During this time, she found her favorite foundation that needs to be applied just like a moisturizer.

After the baby

After she had her baby, it looked like she could use the same products as she did before she got pregnant. Nonetheless she still observes from time to time that her skin is somewhat sensitive and so she chooses the products accordingly. In many cases, she goes for the ones that have been created for sensitive skin. It may also be important for women to choose the products that don’t cause build-up.

If you would like to have skin just like hers, maybe you could use these advices. As you can see the secret lies in the kind of products that you use and the amount of water you drink.


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