Excellent Make Up tips for Indian Skin Tone

Indian skin tones are very difficult to make up as they have unusual tones starting from fair, to wheatish and sometime dusky. Thus, the makeup tips will also differ for each type of skin tone; as the foundation for fair skin will look like white wash paint if you apply on a dusky skin.

Indians have various skin textures and colours and the tips we are sharing here will help you with all the best ways to hide flaws and evolve with beauty and elegance –

make up tips for indian skin tone

Do not Clean Beyond Need

First step for makeup of Indian skin tone is to clean your face remembering the fact that your canvas for makeup should not be over cleaned. Indian skins are very sensitive; therefore keep it all tender to formulate your make up look faultless as much as possible.

Know your Skin Shade

Second tip for makeup is to know your skin shade which is essentially applicable for any skin tones. To choose the right primer, right foundation, and right concealer – it is necessary to know your skin shade. Too light or too dark shade can spoil your look. For this reason contrast and compare before buying your make up products.

Hide the blemishes

You should learn how to conceal your blemishes with concealer as well as how to apply a bit of foundation for your Indian skin tone. To remove any imperfection of your skin, this step for makeup of Indian skin tone is very essential.

Match your Foundation

Choosing foundation is another important step in this regard. Whether you just want to cover up your skin tone or want to highlight your skin, you have to pick the right shade of foundation.

Browns, Pinks and Reds

Browns, pinks and reds are those colors which go well with Indian skin tones. Though sometime it becomes hard for people to haul off the color red, Indian skin appears gorgeous with a spatter of red on lips or on eyes. To know which color among these three will suit you the best, you can apply a little first to your skin.

Dark Eyeliners

Dark brown, dusky navy colors or deep blacks perfectly work with Indian skin tone to convey the eyes.

Dusky Peach Blush

You can apply dusky peach blush to your skin to brighten up in heat of summer. It will enhance your glow for summer regardless what your skin shade is.

Be Careful with Powder

Last but not the least tip for Indian skin tone is to remain careful while using powder on your face. Excess use of this component can make your face look cakeier. Hence powder your face just to polish your imperfections.

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