7 Makeup and Beauty Tips for Teenagers

When girls get to their teens, they would like to look older than they really are, but this is just wrong. They should follow the makeup and beauty tips that are given to girls of their age. They will get the time to look like divas when they become adults.

1. No foundation for teen makeup and beauty

When your acne comes out the first thing you want to do is to add a thick layer of foundation. This is a bad choice for a young girl. Such products are for women over 35. They could make your condition worse and they hide your natural beauty. Instead for makeup and style you should opt for a concealer to hide the blemishes and for powder or tinted moisturizer. They are lighter colored and they don’t clog the pores.

makeup-and-beauty2. Pat the concealer

One of the biggest mistakes that girls can do regarding makeup and style is to rub the concealer. In case you have something you would like to hide, put a bit of concealer on the pad of your middle finger, and then pat it into your skin.

3. Eyes or lips

If you would like to play something up, you have to make a choice: eyes or lips. In case you have some heavy makeup on your eyes, you should keep your lips simple for makeup and style. A good decision could be to wear nude lipstick or lip gloss. Wearing every possible kind of makeup product all at once on a daily basis is the wrong decision.

You should keep your look simple and natural. Remember not to focus on your lips and eyes in the same time unless you want to look like a clown.

4. Less is more

For sure you have some friends who look wonderful and they are wearing little or no makeup at all. You should be following their lead regarding makeup and beauty. Avoid overdoing your look. All you need is mascara, a lip gloss and a concealer. During winter you could also add a bit of blush.

5. Going natural with the hair

You don’t have to dye all your hair as part of makeup and style. If you have dark hair, you could go for some simple highlights, while in case you are blonde, you could do the same, and it is best if you try framing your face with your hair. Having a hair color that has nothing to do with your natural color isn’t hot; it’s just tacky.

6. Vaseline

When thinking about makeup and beauty, this is a substance that you shouldn’t forget. Vaseline is your best friend when it comes to removing eye makeup. Also you can use it to make your lips soft.

7. Layer it

Are you talking with the girls about makeup and style? You should definitely mention layers. Using them is the best way to achieve fabulous hair that looks rich and trendy.

You can see that there are a lot of tricks and tips that can help the teens with makeup and beauty.


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