We Do Need Our “Beauty Sleep”, Say Researchers

We have long been told about the benefits of getting in that all important “Beauty Sleep” and now research also backs this concept – those who are well rested appear more attractive, and look better than those who are sleep deprived say researchers.


In a Swedish study, 23 young male and female volunteers were photographed after having had 8 hours of sleep. They were photographed again after being sleep deprived for 31 hours.

After this, untrained observers were asked to rate these photos of those who had had a normal nights’ sleep that those who had been sleep deprived. The photos were standardized– people wore the same expression and were at the same distance from the camera and had on no makeup.

The observers rated the sleep deprived people as less attractive, less healthy and more tired. Researchers are hopeful that this study will offer medical practitioners additional or visual cues about ill health in their patients.

This also gives us ample reason to see that we get the amount of sleep that we need each night. So come the festive season, party all you like, but make sure that you’re not burning the candle at both ends– your looks could be the sufferer!


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