Bleaching Hair Is The Simple Process That You Can Do It By Yourself

Bleaching hair is a process in which you prefer to change your hair color as you like.

It is a fashion to change the color of your hair according to the latest trend.

You should first decide the color with which you have to go for bleaching hair.

If you have light colored hair, then you can select dark as well as light colors.

Otherwise, if you have dark and pure black hair, then you have to go for only dark colors such as red, dark brown etc.Bleaching Hair

Because light colors may not suit for dark hair. The color of your hair will dominate light colors. Bleaching hair is a simple process that you can do it by yourself.

The things which you have to make ready before starting bleaching hair are a clean towel, scissors, a glass or plastic bowl, bleach kit and timer. If you have long hair, then you should take two bleach kits. You should not forget to wear a shirt which you don’t mind if it gets bleach on it.

The process of bleaching hair is as follows:

  • The first step in bleaching hair is, you should cut your required hair color packet with scissors and pour this powder in glass or plastic bowl. Now add some developer or liquid to that powder and mix it well. Don’t forget to wear gloves while mixing it. You should make that powder into a creamy paste.
  • In the second step, you need to take help of someone for applying that color to your hair. You can do this by yourself also, but the application of hair color by yourself may be a problem to you. It’s better to take help of your friend for applying color to your hair.
  • When color is applied to your hair, you can feel the heat. Your hair will become warm after application of your color. Now use the plastic bags given in the kit to cover your hair. You should check whether all your hair is under plastic bag or not. Now twist the end of your bag to get the tight fit.
  • You should make note of the time given on the kit. You should follow the time exactly by using stop watch or timer. If you keep the color more than the required time then your hair can get damage.
  • After the completion of the time you should remove the plastic bag and see whether your hair reached the satisfactory shade or not. You should rinse your hair first with water and later with shampoo. You should rinse your hair in such a way that all bleach should get removed from your hair.
  • Now use your clean towel to make your hair dry. You can also add highlights to your bleached hair after drying your hair. But, make sure that the colors which are used for highlighting must not be highly concentrated. They should be in such a way that they should go off for a single wash.

This is the method that you should follow for bleaching hair by yourself.


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