Skin Bleaching and the Dangers Coming with It

It is known that the skin bleaching creams have the purpose of making the marks or scars less visible on the skin, but it is important to remember that they should be applied in small amounts on the skin. All of the creams for bleaching the skin contain ingredients that are active and that could be dangerous.

Hydroquinone in skin bleaching creams

This is a method for skin bleaching that has been associated with risks of skin cancer and this is why it has been banned by the French. This is the same ingredient that is used for developing photographs.



This is an active ingredient of the creams and it is possible that it damages the brain. There has been produced a bit of hysteria in the moment when the government of Minnesota noticed it and since then all products containing mercury have been banned from the market.

Still there are some shops that still have products with high levels of dangerous ingredients, even if in small doses it can causeneurological damage.


When the majority of people hear about arsenic, poison is the first thing that pops into their mind. No wonder because this is truly what arsenic is, in case we are talking about bleaching the skin also. It contains certain chemicals that are included in herbicides and pesticides and they are highly toxic for humans. This kind of substance can cause different kinds of cancer, including in the lungs, bladder, skin, liver, prostate and kidney.

Alpha Hydroxy

These are acids that are mostly found in chemical peels and also creams for bleaching the skin. Numerous surgeons make use of this kind of substance in case the patient in question has a severe skin problem. Still it is seldom used. Remember that it should only be used by professionals, so don’t try using it in your home.


One of the side effects of bleaching the skin is acne. After a longer period of time of use, the cream could make the skin become darker that can turn into a problem known as ocronosis. During this the pigment gets into a deeper layer of the skin. Once this happens it is very hard to bring back the natural color of the skin.

Stretch marks

In case you are opting for skin bleaching products you could also end up having stretch marks. The creams stretch the skin until it becomes very thin and this is why the stretch marks appear. Once they have appeared, they are very difficult to remove.

The perfect solution

In case you are faced with a skin problem you should see a professional before bleaching the skin. A good doctor will tell you about the advantages and the disadvantages of skin bleaching and so you will be able to make an educated choice.

If it is the case, the doctor is also able to use the right amount of product in the right way, so you won’t have to worry about the possible side effects or scars. Never try to administer it on your own though for your own safety.


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