Safest Way to Bleach Your Hair

Bleaching your hair is always the first thing that comes to mind when someone says they want to go blonde. The transformation from brunette to platinum is a life changing and daring one, because not only does your look completely change, your personality goes around for a change too. Also, if you want to use a decoy for hiding those graying hairs of yours, going blonde is the best way.

Way to Bleach Your Hair

However, there are some perks to doing bleach and you need to keep certain rules in mind in order to bleach your hair safely. For example, the best way to bleach your hair safely is to ask the help of someone else. Doing it all on your own, asks for you being extremely careful.

Following are some tips that you need to keep in mind to have a safe bleaching process.

Avoid Bleaching Your Scalp

If you have made up your mind to bleach your entire hair, then it is quite possible that you will bleach your scalp as well. That would be very painful as there is a possibility of you getting blisters and chemical burns. So, you need to be extremely careful not to apply the chemical from a little above your scalp. This way, even if it drips down, it wouldn’t reach your scalp. Even then, for an on- scalp lightening process, do not mix bleach with a peroxide stronger than 20 Volume.

Use the Right Techniques to Apply

Always read the directions before preparing the chemical. After that, start applying from the back of your head. Work around your scalp and finally move to the top applying evenly with the applicator brush. You need to be fast with your applying to ensure that it spreads evenly and not just to few parts. Because after that it appears as patches of bleached hair and you so do not want something like that to happen.

Take Care of Your Skin

Ultimately remember that you are working with extremely reactive chemicals that burn places wherever it falls. So avoid contact with any part of your skin. Wear latex gloves while applying as well as rinsing the bleach off. Even while you are rinsing, the bleach remains reactive, so it might enter any open wound or burn the top few layers of your skin. Also cover your shoulder and back with an old towel to avoid your clothes being bleached off.

If bleaching goes wrong, your hair might look a disaster, thus follow the above mentioned points and go for a happy bleaching!

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