Beware Of Those ‘Killer Heels’

According to one study, as many as three million women may have had the sort of injury that requires medical attention or even being rushed to the hospital, simply because of their love for high heels. A fifth of women may have twisted an ankle or torn a tendon due to high heels, say researchers.

killer-heelsInjuries ranging from smashed teeth to broken wrists have resulted from women in heels, literally falling flat on their faces. In the name of fashion, women sustain injuries such as twisted knees and broken ankles.

Women tend to have a short sighted view of high heels considering the way that a pair of shoes looks before considering how comfortable or suitable they are.

Because of this, in about 3000 women surveyed, 89% admitted that uncomfortable shoes have ruined an evening at some point. Only 2% of the women surveys said that they never wore high heels.

In spite of all this, however, 60% women said that they would grin and bear the pain of high heels if they thought that they looked good and would fetch them a compliment or two for the way that their feet were shod.


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