Chocolate For Body Remodeling

chocolate body wrapThe mere mention of chocolate brings in mind a thought of good aura and thinking about the favorite chocolate bar melting, in the mouth makes one feel blissful.

Imagine what would happen if the entire body was to be wrapped in chocolate? That would be a chocoholic’s heaven.

Leaving the jokes apart, chocolate body packing can do wonders for the skin and even helps reshape and remodel the body for short periods of time. They are the latest trend in body redesigning and are available at leading spas and saloons for a quite expensive price.

Being a delicate procedure this should be done by professionals or under professional supervision.

The typical chocolate wrap starts with the client being measured for the wrap treatment. The actual treatment begins with a full body exfoliation. The body is exfoliated using cocoa bean extracts along with peach sugarcane, brown sugar or almonds.

Once exfoliated the body is then covered with a mixture of chocolate enriched with minerals and oils. The mixture may vary from spa to spa but will generally has cocoa, macadamia or similar nut oil, jojoba oil, ginseng, vitamins C and E and other minerals to enrich the experience. A combination of cocoa and coffee is used to help burn cellulite to make the body look younger and smoother.

The body is then wrapped in elastic bandages. They are tight enough to help reshape the desired body parts, and at the same time not constricting. The person is then left in this chocolate cocoon for periods ranging from 20 minutes to an hour.

The person may be asked to lie down or walk depending on what results are expected. After the stipulated time period the wraps are unwrapped and the chocolate mixture is removed from the body.

The chocolate is rich in natural oils which are absorbed by the skin and make it soft and supple. Immediate loss of inches and sculpted body parts are the temporary benefits that one can see. The skin feels awesome at the end of the treatment and the results are showing immediately.

The skin is super hydrated and feels really pampered at the end of such a session. All that sweating inside the wraps makes the skin feel light and also helps to open and cleanse the pores.

This treatment is not advised for patients with diabetes or blood pressure problems and also for pregnant women. Others can all indulge their senses in this chocolate bliss and feel euphoric, relaxed and more beautiful, a human butterfly born after spending an hour inside a chocolate cocoon.


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