Dead Sea Minerals For Your Skin

Did you know that the Dead Sea is the saltiest water body on earth and that it is practically impossible to sink in that water?

Did you also know that it is a virtual open air spa that harnesses the bounty of nature to do wonderful things for your skin?

Well it’s true! The Dead Sea is rich in minerals and other nutrients which have been seen to be excellent for the skin.

For visitors to the Dead Sea it is the done thing to firstly take a dip in the water to experience the unbelievable buoyancy and then to slather on the thick, viscous black mud in order that the rejuvenating properties of the mud are absorbed by the skin.dead sea bath salt

There are many high quality cosmetic products developed from the Dead Sea minerals and salts which are a luxurious way of pampering the skin. Dead Sea bath salts are thought to mimic the spa properties of the sea itself.

The mineral rich foot cream can be a marvelous thing to massage tired feet; that last thing before going to bed, the fragrant, luxurious hand cream can be just the thing to keep hands feeling soft, looking lovely and smelling even better!

Also available are Dead Sea mud packs that give you the sensation of a spa at home! For sheer luxurious indulgence you cannot beat these products!


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