Easy Ways To Maximize The Use Of Body Scrub At Home

Depending on the weather, our skin can sometimes turn our skin very dry.

Sometimes, even slathering many layers of moisturizers or lotions are not enough to hydrate the skin.

You can infuse your skin with long-lasting moisture depending on the timing you do. For instance, smoothing your skin with moisture-trapping ingredient such as jojoba oil after a steamy bath will help your skin absorb your moisturizer better and be hydrated for a longer time.

And because of this, it is better to apply lotion or moisturizer in the shower or after your bath. The case will be better if you will use a body scrub instead of a body lotion to further sooth scaly looking dry skin.

While your skin is saturated with moisture, your body scrubs also work on removing dead skin layers which exaggerate the look of dry skin.

Using Natural Body Scrub to Fight Dry Skin

Body scrub is commonly made from natural or organic sugar and salts combined with different essential oils. These scrubs are gently massaged into the skin to allow exfoliation and reveal glowing, beautiful skin. While at home, there are different ways to use and maximize body scrub.

Use on your Feet

Many clients love getting foot scrubs in spa and beauty clinics. Usually this treatment ends in a pedicure but you can always do this while you’re in the shower for you to achieve soft and attractive feet anytime you want.

All you have to do is to get a handful of body scrub and massage it all over the tops and soles of your feet. Salt or sugar scrubs can be used on your feet depending on the dryness or roughness of the skin on your heels.

Use on your Hands

A jar of body scrub can also be kept in your bathroom so that you can use the scrub each morning shower. These essential oils will keep your hands smooth and soft all day. These scrubs also help improve the appearance of your cuticles. For your hands, the best type of scrub to use is a soft brown sugar scrub.

Use on your Legs

For many people, the skin on the legs becomes really dry during the winter especially if you are waxing or shaving. Of course, we all want beautiful legs to display during summer and you can get a “mini-skirt ready legs” simply by using body scrub.

Apply the scrub while you are in the shower and massage it gently over your entire legs in upward circular motion. Depending on how dry your skin is, it is suggested to do this treatment at least twice a week. A soft brown sugar body scrub is also best to use for the legs.

Benefits of using Body Scrub

Using body scrub gives you exfoliated and beautifully moisturized skin. You can also have a fresh and natural scent with you all day without excessive use of lotions, creams or moisturizers for your dry skin. Moreover, body scrub can give you a relaxed and renewed feeling after every treatment!


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