Fabulous In 15 Minutes

A working woman never seems to find enough time in the morning to get ready, especially if she happens to also be a mother.

Every morning is greeted with the proverbial morning rush, with just about enough time to manage sending the kids to school and barely getting decently ready to go to work. There is no time for a beauty regime.

Well here is a fast routine which takes just fifteen minutes and ensures a fabulous you everyday. Start the previous night.makeup1

Plan what you will wear the next day and also the accessories you will need. Keep them ready and at hand to avoid any delays in the morning.

Start the day with a quick shower and remember to brush your teeth. This will not take more than five minutes and it will ensure that you feel fresh and good.

Remember you really don’t have to shampoo your hair daily. In fact if you don’t shampoo your hair, it will be easy to style too. You can use the time in the shower to shave your underarm and legs if you plan to wear sleeveless or skirts.

Remember to hydrate your skin with a good lotion. This should not take more than a minute. The best thing is that if you use a hair conditioner, instead of shaving foam, to shave your legs you will not need to use lotion on your legs.

Once you are dressed give your hair a good brushing. All you need is some hairstyling foam and a hairspray to come up with decently styled hair. A quick way would be to mist your hair and apply a hair gel into the hair or even just around the face.

You can then scrunch it or puff it up and fix it with hairspray to look sexy. This will take about two minutes to do.

Take a couple of minutes to use foundation on your face to get that spotless look. Remember to use a moisturizer or a SPF lotion on your face before the foundation. All you need is three minutes to apply a diva glaze, eyeliner and mascara for those great looking eyes.

If you would rather not use a foundation, you can just use a moisturizer and then a concealer under the eyes and a little around the nose. Brush on a bronzer to get a sun kissed look.

That leaves you with two minutes, which should be enough time to apply your lipstick and a little blush to complete the look. Put on a couple of accessories and you are ready to stun the world.


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