Grandma’s Spoon Massage

massageDid you smirk when you read the title? If you did, stand corrected that this is a time tested technique that works.

Like most of grandma’s recipes for treating minor ailments this one works too.

Grandma’s spoon massage is a rediscovered ancient art of treatment for various conditions.

A spoon is found easily in every home; actually one can find spoons of various shapes and sizes in most homes. This easy to find tool is used warm or cold to treat different conditions.

The spoon is heated or cooled by placing it in a bowl filled with hot or cold water. Do not heat the spoon on fire or cool it by placing in the ice box.

A cold spoon is normally used to treat a bee sting, burns or even irritated skin. All that is needed is to gently press a cold spoon against the spot that is hurting. Repeat a couple of times to ease the pain and burning.

A cold spoon massage can also be used to relieve the bags and dark circles under the eyes. Move the spoon in round circles under the eye. Be gentle and careful. Results are seen with regular use.

If you would like to treat your fine lines, wrinkles and even crow’s feet, a hot spoon massage is recommended daily. The earlier you start the better the expected results. All you need is a warm spoon, a few minutes every day and perseverance to stick to the routine.

Use the warm spoon on areas where you would like to treat the fine lines and wrinkles. Use a soft circular motion to gently massage the fine lines.

A warm spoon massage can be successfully used to treat a wrinkled neck, double chin and a droopy mouth too. A spoon massage is also effective in removing fat from the belly area and treating cellulite.

You can give yourself spoon facials once or twice a week to enhance the glow and health of your skin. A few drops of essential oils mixed with aromatic oil can be used to make it a pleasant experience.

The principle is simple. A spoon is a metal object with a smooth finish and is very similar to the shapes of the fingertips. All this makes the spoon, an ideal massage implement.

The metal helps to conduct the warmth or coolness to the nerve endings stimulating them. In fact alternating between a cold and warm spoon has helped many women regain skin elasticity.

This is a time tested traditional method which has proved to be also an effective beauty treatment for the modern women. A little patience and regular massage will give any of us the desired results.


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