Solutions For Dark Elbows

olive oilDark elbows are an unsightly problem that with a little care we can get rid of, or reduce to a very large extent with some easy home tips:

  • Scrub regularly: The elbow area should be scrubbed regularly to ensure that there are no dead skin cell deposits in the area. However, care should be taken not to scrub too hard, since that could have the converse effect of skin darkening.
  • Use oil: Olive oil and coconut oil, so widely used in cosmetic products have excellent properties to soften the tough and sometimes scaly skin of the elbow area. So, either of these oils could be used regularly to soften and smoothen the skin of the area, which will in turn lead to lighter skin.
  • Bleach: If there is say a special occasion in the offing or for some reason you simply cannot wait to get better looking elbows, you could try bleaching the area, which has been seen to be beneficial in many cases
  • Use Sugar: Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant and contains glycolic acid which is helpful in lightening the areas.
  • Use Lime: Things that contain citric acid, such as lime, lemon etc have been seen to be very useful in treating dark unsightly elbows because they can remove the dead skin and lighten it. Rubbing lime slices on the elbows has been seen to work very well.


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