7 Useful Tips to Maintain Feminine Hygiene

Outer appearance or wearing trendy ensembles will not be the only way of reflecting your beauty. Beauty should come from within. Hence maintaining your personal hygiene is essential to be healthy as well.

Maintaining hygiene will surround you with an aura of freshness to be positive while you are engaged with your daily activities. By sparing few moments of your whole day to follow the subsequent tips, you can maintain your personal hygiene.

tips to maintain feminine hygiene1. Bathing

Especially in our environmental zone, to fight against infections you need to shower on regular basis. It will remove dead skin accumulated by your skin. Shower gel or mild soap will work in this regard without any harming effect on your skin. Lukewarm water will also be beneficial for you.

2. Be Concerned About Feminine Area

You have to be very careful about your feminine part of your body as these are very prone to be infectious. It is advisable to wash those parts everyday while bathing or after urination or bowelling movement. Usage of cleansers or soaps internally should be avoided to prevent vulnerable infections and irritations.

3. Care During Menstruation

Altering your sanitary pads on every eight hours is highly recommended during the period of menstruation. According to medical science this is time when your reproductive system gets cleansed through natural process.

4. Dressing up Comfortably

To stimulate air circulations to feminine area try to avoid wearing synthetic fabrics or tight clothing. Opt for soft, breathable inner garments to avoid yeast and bacterial infection to your feminine part of the body. Sweaty or wet inner garments are also prone to inflectional diseases.

5. Be Careful after getting Close to your Partner

You need to careful while getting close to your partner. You should be aware about the fact that bodily fluids can cause infection as well as odors. Hence washing your feminine area with lukewarm water before activity and protection during that time is highly recommended for your hygiene.

6. Keep away from Using Washcloths

The same loofah or washcloths used to scrub your body should not be used for your feminine zone as they have propensity to retain bacteria which can be harmful for you.

7. Balanced Diet

Incorporation of leafy veggies, lots of fruits may help you to get rid of bacterial infections. Yogurt is considered as source of good bacteria. Garlic can prevent yeast infections as well as put a stop to bad odor. To be healthy you need to be hydrated all the time. Hence proper intake of water in any form is advisable.

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