Top Most Superb Beauty Tricks that can be Done with Coconut Oil

If you are someone who thought that coconut oil was good only for the hair health and beauty, then you are not alone. Most of us think of hair health the minute coconut oil is mentioned. But what is surprising is that this oil can be used for many other beauty purposes besides improving the appearance and strength of the hair on our scalp.

This oil is anti-fungal, has antibacterial properties and works as an incredible moisturizer as well.  Let’s look at some of the superb beauty tricks that can be done with coconut oil.

beauty tricks that can be done with coconut oil

Cheekbone Highlighting

One of the simplest beauty tricks that you can do with coconut oil is to use it as a cheekbone highlighter.  Nothing brightens up a tired and dull face than this lovely oil. All you need to do is to sweep a little of it on top of your makeup and leave it there.  It will make your skin appear a lot more glowing.

Shaving Legs

This might come as a surprise to most of you but coconut oil can also be used for shaving legs.  It is an amazingly inexpensive, easy and antimicrobial way to take those hair out of your legs or even arms.  Plus, since this oil has a natural moisturization property, skin will feel smooth and soothing once the shaving has been done.

Removing Make Up

Yes, your coconut oil can also replace your expensive make up removers.  It works well on waterproof make up like mascara and lipstick etc. and leaves the skin well hydrated as well once a few drops of it have been used to wipe off the entire make up.  Wash your face after using coconut oil as a makeup remover.

As a Body Moisturizer

Do you know that applying coconut oil after having a bath all over your body can leave it well moisturized for the entire day? Well, yes, this oil definitely works better than any other full body moisturizer and provides hydration to dry skin as well.

As an Ingredient in a Body Scrub

Adding a few drops of coconut oil in your home made or purchased body scrub can improve the benefits of the scrub by a big factor. This oil can add the hydration and smoothening factor to the scrub and will create a glowing effect.


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