From Hair to Hot Lips – Celebrity Fall Beauty Tips

Every season comes with its own trends and fashion, and so you might be interested what have the celebrities been up to. Usually the cold days come with the hottest trends. Are you ready?


Do you remember those times when you used to have this hairstyle? Guess what? It is trendy again, as it has been presented by Kim Kardashian. She has been seen on the red carpet having a sleek ponytail, tightly pulled back, so why shouldn’t you follow her lead?

From Hair to Hot Lips

Half up hairdo

Angelina Jolie has been known to usually have the hottest hairstyles, and in this season she brought back the half updo to the red carpet. The biggest advantage of the style is that you can achieve the same look if you go for a messy twist.

Liquid eyeliner

For sure you still remember the celebrities of the 60s who have been using a lot ofeyeliner. Katy Perry has been spotted rocking the same style. The best thing about it? It is trendy and retro in the same time.

Bright lips

Although they are signature of summer time, it looks like they stay for another season. There are a lot of colors to choose from, ranging from orange to red, and all of them are acceptable on the lips as seen on Natalie Portman. This time you shouldn’t switch to the traditional colors of fall, because bright is in fashion.

Red lipstick has also been spotted in case of Scarlett Johansson, who opted for the traditional style of Hollywood. To achieve the same style you should go natural with the rest of the makeup, turning the lips into the focal point of the face.

There are also some celebrities that wanted to have a nice look, but they really got it wrong, such as Christina Aguilera. Looks like her stylist never told her not to wear red and pink together. Such a makeup wouldn’t work out not even in case of Valentine’s Day. You have to give something up, the lips or the eyes.

Going blue

The blue eyes have been really trendy during the disco era, and seems like they are making a comeback. If you like the style you should go for subtle blue eyes just like January Jones. You could add the blue eye makeup to natural looking lips and cheeks. The main point is to enhance the eyes, not to literally make them pop.


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