Celebrity Redheads and Their Beauty Tips

It is known that one of the trickiest situations of all is the situation of redheads.This is because they have a pretty special hair color and in some cases it may be difficult for them to find a makeup that is suitable. Nonetheless the celebrities manage this as well.

Emma Stone

According to the makeup artists of the celebrities, if there is a bit of pink on the skin, the red hair will make it even more visible. This is why redheads should make sure that they have some blush on.

Emma Stone

In case there are blue spots under the eyes these need to be taken care of. Your job may be quite easy in this case if you are using the right concealers.

When there are some spots on the face the best thing you could do, following the lead of the celebrities, is to ditch the foundation and use a tinted moisturizerinstead.

To achieve a great look, you could try smoothing yellow-based moisturizer on the skin and then add some dusted bronzer on the cheeks.

In any case, the redheaded women have fair skin and in order to illuminate it, it is a good idea to be using peachy corals. Frosted peaches can also be used even though in the past people have been scared by them.

In our days, the textures are more refined and all women should use the hue with confidence.

Julianne Moore

In case of this celebrity, the focal points of the face are the lashes. These should be really dark and for this, it is best to opt for black mascara.

When using eye shadow it is a must to use the mascara as well because you will have a refined look, but you won’t seem to be too overdone.

Julia Roberts

Lately she has been spotted with reddish highlights, and so she is one of the perfect celebrities to learn about regarding red hair.

You may know she has brown eyes, and in order to make them pop, her makeup artist used plum eye shadow on her. This works because this color makes the eyes look warmer.

(photo by www.elle.com)


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