Anti-Cellulite Breakthroughs – Will They Work?

Several new treatments for cellulite promise to work against that orange peel, crepe paper skin that is the bane of so many women’s lives. A new anti cellulite cream called BioElixia Bodyshaper from Australian biotechnology firm, promises to do wonders. Then there is a new skin laser therapy called Cellulaze that promises “remarkable” results, which also may offer promise of smoother skin.


What is Cellulaze and how does it work?

Considering the fact that most creams and lotions seem to have no effect on cellulite and that even radio frequency massage techniques seem to have only modest, temporary results, a new laser therapy for skin care has now hit the market.

This is a therapy called Cellulaze delivered by a laser machine developed by the Cynosure Inc. and some doctors have termed results “impressive”. So what is new about this treatment? It claims to tackle the root cause of cellulite such as thinning skin and problems with connective fibers that combine to produce that dimpled, orange peel effect.

The treatment is given under local anesthetic and is required to be performed by a plastic surgeon. Incisions are made in the skin to insert a cannula (narrow tube) into the skin. Though these tubes, laser light is delivered. This heats the skin and melts small amounts of fat. It also stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity it is claimed.

Following the procedure, compression garments are required to be worn. The tiny scars left as a result of the incisions fade with time say doctors and there will be bruising that will last for between 3 and 6 weeks.

So if you’re planning on hitting the beach as soon as you have this procedure, you would be disappointed. And in case you’re wondering what this will cost, it will set you back by about $5000 to $7000!

New anti cellulite cream promises to penetrate

Phosphagenics Ltd, is an Australian biotechnology firm that has come out with a new cream that promises to work better than other cellulite creams. Ingredients such as caffeine and forskolin are supposed to block the skin’s uptake of fact. Supposedly the cream shrinks fat cells and starves the skin of fat. The product is a hit in Australia but it isn’t cheap.

Critics of anti cellulite creams maintain that creams and lotions simply don’t work – that it is only exercise, hydration and healthy eating that will get rid of this skin problem. Some women claim that cellulite fighting shape wear and herbal body wraps are more effective solutions.


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