Cellulite? Don’t Let Those Creams Con You!

Now it would be just naïve to expect that a cellulite cream will actually do for you what it miraculously seemed to do for the super fit, uber toned model in the infomercial.

Even Cindy Crawford has cellulite and if it was so easy to remove, she would not have it!

Perhaps with effective exercise and a good diet, it could help you make just a tad more of a difference.

So if you do look to buy one then look out for some of these ingredients:Cellulite

Caffeine: Many of us probably know that caffeine is a diuretic and that it is known to flush your system. It is also said to stimulate fat cells and improve blood circulation.

Retinol: Is known to be good for smoothing fine lines and other signs of aging, it is also said to exfoliate your skin and increase the amount of collagen it produces.

Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE: This is a substance that is expected to improve muscle tone.

Vitamin E: This is known to be excellent for skin and contained a number of quality skincare products

Vitamin C: This is also a vitamin that could help you with the pesky cellulite.


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