The Right Way Of Getting Fit Through Anti Cellulite Massage

It’s the dream of every woman to look smart and fit, hence, the cellulite building up on the abdomen and thigh area is a real problem faced by most of representatives of the fair sex.

Though there are different surgical methods available to dissolve the fat tissue accumulated around the problematical areas, most of the women do not dare or want to see as a viable option any surgical intervention, first because such a body invasion is often very painful or simply because spending a great deal of money is not an option for everyone.

Anti cellulite massage is cheap, natural and relaxing and can be easily performed at home.Anti Cellulite Massage `

One must know exactly what to expect from an anti cellulite massage, as it will only reduce cellulite and tune up the problematical areas increasing the blood circulation. The massage will make the body look good but it will not help lose weight.

However, if combined with a healthy diet, a certain amount of water consumed in a day and some exercise can definitely help in shedding a few pounds.

The right method for an effective anti cellulite massage:

It is best to start by applying some body lotion, preferably anti cellulite gel or body lotion, to hydrate the affected areas so that the massaging movements will act smoothly and easily stimulate the blood flow at the skin level.

You should begin from the lowest part of the affected area and continue going up following the blood flow from the heart. The massage should include long strokes and circular motions with restrained pressure.

For anti cellulite massage the fingers, knuckles and palms should be used to knead the skin. At the end of the massage some broad relaxing moves can help the skin and the muscular mass relax.

The effective recipe contains a regular five to fifteen minutes everyday massage on the cellulite areas.

Necessary stepping stones for an effective beautifying massage

Massage oils and lotions come in various types and assortments accommodating and serving different needs and preferences. One can use active oils like marjoram and peppermint for working the abdomen area while rosemary and geranium oils can be used for getting a refreshing effect. The juniper oil is known as an important aid in reducing fluid retention and helping the cellulite tissue “melt”.

Drinking a lot of water every day is very important for an anti cellulite massage because it helps bringing the toxins to the surface of the skin and detoxifying the body.

Anti cellulite massage devices can be a better option as they can speed up the massage effect on the problematic areas. Devices made of plastic or wooden rollers, electric massagers and rounded finger massagers can be easily found in the health stores.

Of course a massage expert is the best option as he or she knows how to focus on the troublesome areas and massage them accordingly, the only condition is that you could afford to hire one.

Although it is not a certified cure for cellulite, anti cellulite massage reduces cellulite accumulation improving the overall appearance of different body areas, even giving the illusion of a significant weight-loss.


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