Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Perhaps the legendary founder of Chanel fashion house, Coco Chanel, wouldn’t be very happy to offer temporary tattoos with her own logo, but times are changing and even brands like Chanel, known for their exclusive style and fashion meant only for the high classes, are going to offer tattoos.

The new high-light on the cat-walk show brings back the tattoos on the woman’s skin, showing revolutionary that tattoos, considered by many as vulgar and inappropriate could be flirty and refine beauty accessory.

chanel temporary tattoos

Tattoos can be worn as an art or tattoos can simply under line the major idea of that woman, who wants to rebel and likes to have her own style.

This is the main idea of the set of fifty-five tattoos, offered by Chanel. Their tattoos are temporary and are manually drawn and designed by Peter Philips, the Director of the Chanel Makeup global line.

The accessories are made as refine art and look like a piece of jewel on the women’s skin. If you are eccentric enough and want to replace your ring with a tattoo on your finger, then this is exactly the accessory for you.

There are many varieties of the tattoos, but most significant of them are the models, representing birds, oriental motifs such as cherry blossoms and of course the famous logo of Chanel. The price of the set is $75.

Source: chanel


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