Cracked Heels – A Fixable Issue For A More Beautiful Feet

In case you are suffering from cracked heels, there is already a remedy. In 21 century there are many products that are able to fix the irritated skin of your heels, but the problem doesn’t come from the skin.

It comes from the high heels we are wearing; therefore you should be very careful even with the choice of your shoes.

The so called heel fissures are very unpleasant, especially for women that love to wear sandals, not to mention they are painful.

In order to get rid of them, research the internet for proper heel creams.

soaking foot

There are lots of companies that are offering special creams. They heal the cracked heels and they refresh the surface of the skin.

Usually the cracked heels come with very dry skin, so start to hydrate your heels. One of the most common remedies, when it comes to cracked heels is the home-made mask.

At first, you will need to soak your feet in lemon juice. Soak them for 10 minutes and then gently remove the lemon juice. Some women use warm soapy water instead of lemon juice, but actually the lemon juice is good for the epidermis of the skin. It refreshes the skin cells.

The very next step is to scrub of your feet. You can use a mixture of sugar, lemon and honey, for it is praised as the best, when it comes to healing the wounded feet.

Scrub gently the irritated places of your feet and remove the mixture with warm water.

The next step is to brush off the dirt trapped within the cracked heel. Use a simple brush and be careful to not irritate the skin.

The experts are advising you to use a special scrub for your feet. There are already some companies like Avon that is offering greatscrubbing products for your feet, so don’t hesitate to use them.

According to the professionals, by scrubbing your feet two times a week, you are actually regenerating your skin, not to mention that the process is good for your bloodstream.

At last, you should apply some special moisturizer to your feet. Avoid products that contain toxins and go for some organic moisturizers.

In case you want to do it with natural clean products, just apply some vegetable oil on your crackedheel. Wear some old socks and leave it overnight. This way your skin will be smoother and moisturized.


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