4 Foods for Whitening your Teeth Naturally

Do you wish to make those pearly white teeth a little more brightened and white? Well rather than trying out different toothpastes and teeth creams, it is better to go the natural way. The first step here is to cut back on some foods like red wine, black coffee and sugary items whereas the second is to include some new foods in your diet. Yes, there are certain food items which can help you whiten your teeth naturally, without a visit to the dentist.

Besides brushing, flossing regularly and using mouthwashes, you must pay attention to eating some of these foods as well. The following are the top 4 foods which can help you obtain a sparkling white smile.

1. Cheese


Yes, believe it or not but eating cheese can help you whiten your teeth naturally. Cheddar cheese in particular helps to increase the production of saliva in the mouth and this forms a barrier of protection for the tooth enamel, thus preventing it from problems like tooth erosion, cavities and yellowing. This happens because increase saliva production leads to alteration of the pH levels in the mouth which protects the teeth from damage.

2. Raisins


Raisins are dried grapes are excellent for the oral health and actually help to improve it. Raisins consist of an acid called the oleanolic acid which is a compound that helps to prevent the growth of two different kinds of oral bacteria which are responsible for causing cavities and periodontal diseases. These two bacteria are called streptococcus mucus and porphyromonas gingivalis.  Also, oleanolic acid helps to prevent plaque buildup in teeth.

3. Broccoli


Besides being full of vitamin C and hence great for the health, broccoli is also superb for the overall oral health and can lead to natural whitening of the teeth. Broccoli consists of a lot of iron which creates an acid-resistant coating on the top of the teeth. What this coating or protective layer does is that it reduces the contact between drinks, acidic foods and the enamel of the teeth.  Uncooked broccoli also has a polishing effect on the teeth.

4. Pineapple


The enzyme present in pineapple which makes our tongue feel like sandpaper is actually responsible for natural teeth whitening as well.  This enzyme helps to break down the stains which tend to develop on the surface of teeth and thus proves to be good for the appearance of the teeth.


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