5 Reasons why Flossing Teeth Regularly is Very Important

You must have heard a lot about the importance of flossing your teeth and your dentist stressing on flossing every time you go in for a dental checkup. But how often do you actually floss your teeth? The answer may not be positive for most people since they consider brushing to be enough for oral health. But in reality, flossing is actually highly important and necessary to maintain dental hygiene and health. Just as brushing is recommended twice a day, flossing is recommended atleast once a day. Let’s find out the reasons for the importance of flossing:

flossing teeth regularly is very important1. Flossing Protects your Gums

Flossing your teeth is not only beneficial for your teeth but also for the gums. When you floss between your teeth, you also reach the gums and remove any food particles from there too. Tiny particles can get lodged on the gums and this may lead to building up of tartar. This building up of tartar can cause gingivitis and must be avoided.

2. Flossing Prevents Tartar Buildup

Tartar often builds up in the mouth and may be the reason for a lot of dental problems and diseases. Tartar can either be removed using professional help or by a simple procedure of flossing. Flossing reaches between the teeth where your toothbrush might not be able to reach.

3. Flossing Helps Prevent Other Diseases

Flossing not only helps in the removal of tartar but may also help prevent discolored teeth, bad breath and discomfort. Some of the diseases which flossing can help prevent are diabetes, respiratory illness, heart diseases and others. Research has shown that unhealthy mouth can cause many heart diseases and regular flossing can help prevent it.

4. Flossing can Help you Save Money

Flossing helps to save a lot of your money because it reduces your number of visits to the dentist. Flossing prevents dental problems and thus makes you visit the dental for little little issues less. Moreover it also avoids gum problems, discoloration problems and is a very cost effective item to purchase.

5. Flossing and Brushing are Most Effective than Brushing Alone

When you brush your teeth and floss them regularly, then you are doing more for your dental health than through brushing alone. A toothbrush performs different functions than flossing and both have their individual advantages. By brushing alone, you leave a lot of sticky particles stuck between your teeth.


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