5 Signs That You May Need a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You’ve probably heard of someone who has gotten their wisdom teeth removed at least once in your life. Wisdom teeth typically require removal when they become impacted, causing pain and other undesirable symptoms. This article details some of the symptoms that are experienced when wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is needed.


Frequent Infections

Recurring tooth infections are a sign that you may need wisdom teeth extraction in Melbourne.Experiencing symptoms such as fever, fatigue and pain indicate that you may have an infection. Infections will occur more than once a year when you need a wisdom tooth removed.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a sign of a decayed wisdom tooth. It might be time to have your wisdom teeth extracted if you find that you have constant bad breath or a peculiar taste in your mouth. You may also notice that you have a white or slightly yellow tongue, which canbe another sign of a wisdom tooth problem.

Gum Sores

Gums sores and irritations are common in people who have wisdom teeth that need to come out. Wisdom teeth can cut into the gums when they come in, causing pain, cuts and bleeding. Impacted wisdom teeth never erupt completely, which can cause additional discomfort. Sore gums can also be caused by plaque and gingivitis that can occur when youcan’tbrush the area well enough to prevent infections and decay. Sometimes, wisdom teeth removal is the only way to make the situation better.

Jaw Stiffness

If you feel any stiffness or pain in your jaw, it may be due to impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth can cause a lot of pressure in the jaw, with this pain causing problems with eating, talking and even smiling. Impacted wisdom teeth that are causing jaw stiffnesswill likely requireremoval by a dentist, and the procedure may require surgical removal by making an incision into your gums.

Swollen Glands

If you’re experiencing swollen glands, it may be time for you to see a dentist for wisdom teeth extraction in Melbourne. Swollen glands occur when the body is working hard to fight an infection in your body, with the glands working overtime when a problem such as a wisdom tooth infection is present. You may be able to temporarily stop the pain and swelling with over the counter anti-inflammatory medications or heating pads, but the root of the problem is most likely a decayed or problematic wisdom tooth. Having it removed should resolve any issues you’re experiencing with your glands.

What to Do If You’re Experiencing Symptoms

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, it’s recommended that you visit a dentist to determine if wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is necessary. Extraction can alleviate pain and other symptoms, and usually a dentist can perform the procedure in a single appointment.

Tooth infections can be very dangerous. Pay attention to the warning signs that your mouth gives to you and take action if you notice anything out of the normal.


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