Effects Of Bleaching On Women Of Less Age!

Bleaching is the process in which the unwanted hair present on your body is changed into your skin color.

Most of the women undergo this bleaching process to make the hair paler or lighter. The process of bleaching is not a tough process and even you can perform it by your own using various types of home bleaching kits available in the market.

The bleaching kits contain a bleach mixture, which will be in the form of a cream and an activator. You have to mix the activator in the cream in a non-metallic bowl before applying it to your face [Benefits of skin bleaching].Bleaching

Before performing bleaching on your face, you have to test on small area of your body. If you do not feel any itching or burning sensation, then only you have to go for it, otherwise leave the process. Usually, bleaching will not be suitable for all.

If your age is below 20, you should not go for bleaching, as there will be several harmful effects on your skin.

Effects of bleaching in less age:

  • If you are below 20 years, your skin will be sensitive and cannot bare any chemical reactions that take place on your skin. Peroxide related chemicals will be present in bleaching, which acts much on your skin. The chemical reactions that take place with bleaching on your skin will have positive as well as negative reactions. If it works positively, then you can continue, otherwise do not continue bleaching on your skin.
  • Bleaching causes an intense itching if you apply it on the skin. In some people, itching disappears as soon as you wash away the bleach. However, in others, the skin will become red, irritated, inflamed and dark marks, blisters and eruptions can appear. If this happens, you should not use bleach in that area again.
  • If you have dark skin tone, applying bleach can lighten the skin temporarily in that area for few hours.
  • Skin darkening is one of the side effects of bleaching in many people.
  • Irritations and burns will result on your skin when you use bleaching in less age. The total texture and color of your skin will change if you keep it for more time than prescribed.
  • Bleaching in less age can develop pimples on your face and body if you practice more often and your natural look will damage.
  • Not only the external part, the inner part of the skin will also affect with bleaching


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