Electrolysis Hair Removal Is The Easy Way Of Removing Unwanted Hair

Electrolysis Hair Removal

In earlier days waxing is used as a hair removal method. There was not any permanent hair removal method.

The process of permanent hair removal is known as electrolysis hair removal.

In this process, a needle will be inserted into a hair follicle and an electric pulse will be sent through that needle.

The hair will not grow again if the particular hair follicle is in the stage of active growth at that time.

Basically the electrolysis hair removal is of three types. They are:

  • Galvanic
  • Thermolysis
  • Blend

These are explained as follows:

Galvanic is a treatment in which a bit of lye will be produced by electro-chemical current. This is the treatment that will be done by using galvanic currents.

It is the method in which lye will be produced by altering the salt and water in the hair follicle around the probe by chemical alteration method.

The lye which was produced is a caustic substance that is used as destructive ingredient in galvanic technique. Dermal papilla is the substance that causes hair growth. Lye dissolves this substance which is responsible for hair growth.

Thermolysis is a treatment in which a radio wave will produce a heat current. Through radio active waves, the hair will be removed. This is also called diathermy.

Blend is an electro chemical reaction that is produced more quickly by the combination of galvanic and diathermy treatments. Blend is an epilation technique.

This is theoretically most effective technique because in this technique the lye will be more caustic when it is heated. The lye becomes more turbulent when it is blended and gets into all follicle areas.

These are the three basic electrolysis treatments that are used for hair removal. There are various benefits with these electrolysis treatments.

The most common benefits of electrolysis hair removal are:

  • The electrolysis hair removal is the permanent hair removal treatment.
  • Hair becomes thin or sparse with electrolysis hair removal treatment.
  • This electrolysis hair removal can treat individual hairs.
  • Through this treatment, hair will become weak and fine.
  • There will be no stubble with this electrolysis hair removal treatment.

The different areas where you can remove your hair through this electrolysis hair removal treatment are your chin, upper lip, underarm, face, breasts, bikini line and stomach.

The simple ways of selecting electrologist for your electrolysis hair removal treatment are as follows:

  • The electrologist should be qualified and he should have license or certification for practicing electrolysis.
  • Other best way that you should do before going to electrologist is asking around. You should know anybody who has undergone electrolysis hair removal treatment and you should ask for her or his input.
  • You should first go for consultation before treatment.
  • You should make sure that they use right technique or not.
  • You should also observe the maintenance of salon.

If you feel that the electrologist whom you have chosen has the following qualities, then he is the best person for your treatment.


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