Emma Watson: How She Became a Beauty Icon

Having perfect skin and hair, not to mention an inspirational style, made her a true modern beauty icon. In case you would like to become something like her, here are some tips you can follow.

The new ‘do’

Saying goodbye to the frizzy locks, she opted for a trendy pixie that lately has become her signature. In case you are looking for a summery look, then this might be the perfect way to go. In order to have an edgier look during the night, sweep it back a bit.


The actress isn’t afraid of using bold colors on her eyes or lips, but in the majority of the cases she opts to have a more natural look. If you like her looks, you could also achieve something similar through using peachy cheeks and a mineral foundation.


Peeper potion

Although we have been talking about her natural looks, if it is the case, she can become quite dramatic. She has been spotted having black eyes complemented by gold flakes.

In order to achieve the same look, you could create a smoky eye and have some shimmery golden powder added. The look is most suitable for the formal events.


Her looks is made perfect by her full but groomed brows. To achieve the same look you should say goodbye to the tweezers and grow your brows, but keep them neat. Before leaving the house brush the brows with a brow comb and add some fullness to it using a brow pencil. This should be a shade darker than the natural color of the brows.

Skin close to perfection

Most probably you would like to have her perfect skin, and to achieve it you should give up the heavy foundations and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. You should have your fingers warm when applying it on the neck and face to achieve even coverage. For more coverage you should mix liquid luminiser, tinted moisturizer and mineral foundation.

Glamorous eyes

If you are going for the actress’s BAFTA look, you should start with foundation on the eyes. Then add some shadow to the entire eyelid and add a bronze shade to the crease of the lid. Line the upper lid with kohl eyeliner and, in the end, add some waterproof mascara to the lashes. This will highlight the corners of your eye offering a truly glamorous look, something like the look of the actress.


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